Friday, May 18, 2007

LK140 and Roller Nubs

I took off the rollers on my needle nubs on the LK140 to use on my Super LK100 and interstingly, I guess because the needles are closer together or something, the LK140 carriage doesn't seem to have any trouble going over the rollerless needles. It doesn't feel like it's being chewed up or rubbed the wrong way at all. I think I will still want to use the rollers, just seems like the manufacturers wouldn't have bothered with them if they didn't serve an important purpose.

I just know there is someone out there who is sitting with their arms across their chest saying "I've been using my LK without the rollers for years and my carriage is fine!" Harumph!!! :) Guess this is my little disclosure, opinions on my blog are based on my own experiences. Your experiences may have resulted in different conclusions. How's that for some more mumbo jumbo LOL!!!

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