Saturday, January 20, 2007

Brother HK840 and Knitting Stand Improvision

One of the geniouses at the Knitting Machine Yahoo Group suggested a knitting stand made from this type of saw horse and bolting a piece of wood for a table top to it. I didn't have access to anything that I could attach a top with, so instead, I cut a piece of 1x3 poplar to fit in the underside of the saw horse for the clamps to clamp onto. It works GREAT!!!! The saw horse legs are adjustable in height and also fold in on them selves to take down. I believe it would be very simple to close up the machine, put on it's lid, fold in the legs and slide it under the bed (or couch) if I was to put it away. Too Cool, I just love those raging inventive crafty genes out there in cyberspace! Oh, and it only cost 19.95 for the saw horse and 2.75 for the piece of wood. What a deal!

The machine is my Brother HK840, it's a 24stitch punchcard machine that I have had for years, but didn't have the time to learn how to use. It's been sitting in storage in California, so while I was there caring for my mother, I was able to clean it up and it works great. I also have an HK820, I cleaned it up too, but although it knit fine, the punchcard mechanism refused to select the needles. We'll have to save that project for another trip.



At 5:24 AM , Blogger Sharah said...

thank you for sharing! I just got my Brother KH-888 with ribber at a garage sale. I've been adapting tables for the machines for a long time - but it was clear that our plastic foldables would not work! This was our super cheap solution, and it only took my husband a few minutes to assemble it for me! It works like a charm, and it's really stable :)


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