Monday, September 11, 2006

White 1602

This is my White 1602. It's the same as the Superba machines and I have so much to learn from this baby. Because I didn't know anything about how to use this particular machine, I left all the goodies that came with it in storage in California. What a fool I was! It's an electronic patterning system and I can't wait to learn how to use it ( I bought this for a very cheap price on ebay about 4 years ago so I can only hope the electronics work). I've been experimenting with the racking feature and there are some very lovely stitch patterns that can be accomplished. Apparently there is a cassette taped instruction set, I believe I got everything for this machine except the cassette tapes so I have been depending on the gracious folks online and a basic manual to help me learn the machine.

My first racking pattern success, 2x2 rib to a Double Fisherman Rib.

Here are a couple more. I'm not sure what you would call this one, but I like it and the one below was a boo-boo. It was supposed to have the straight line between the wavey lines, oh well, I was still really pleased that I could do it at all.



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