Saturday, December 02, 2006

Toyota KS950

This is my new baby, New - Never been out of the box till now, Toyota KS950 and she is beautiful! My KR505 ribber works with her too, so I can shift ribbers back and forth between the KS858 and the KS950. I'm just learning how to use her, I like the 24st punchcards because I can do larger pictures, but I can see that I will still keep my KS858 up too. I like the 12st cards, plus I have the push button options with the older machine.

The Motif Magic is cool, it allows me to isolate my design instead of having to be knitted all over the fabric. I can dot it around or have one in the center or have it repeat all over, it's my choice :) I like that!



At 5:50 PM , Blogger Terri said...

Hi Clarisse! I am contemplating the purchase of a KS950 and on trying to research it - came across your blog page. I don't know how old your comments are? But I wondered if you still liked the machine and whether you have any observations about this model that may help me decide on my purchase? Thanks a million (great page btw!!) Regards - Terri (a Brit living in CA).

At 5:51 PM , Blogger Terri said...

Oh sorry - I meant to include my email addie - it's Thanks again - Terri

At 12:40 PM , Blogger Linda Jo said...

Hi Clarisse, I've been knitting on the Toyota KS950 since it first came out and love it, especially the magic motif feature. It has been very sturdy and trustworthy as most of the knitting machines are built to last forever. I also have a Studio 360 that I rarely use (my second knitting machine. My first one was the Toyota 747). I also love the lace attachment on the Toyota, so easy.
Linda Jo

At 8:25 AM , Blogger susan said...

Hi Clarisse My Great Aunt has left me her KS950 knitting Machine and ribber. I Can knit on it but don't know how to use the punch cards i followed the book but don't know if the card moves by itself or am i to turn the knob after each row? and how does th ribber go on? If you can help or tell me where to look for my answers that would be great. Can't find any in my area to help.

thanks susan

At 4:00 PM , Blogger Catherine Horne said...

Here goes again I need someone to talk to I haven't used my Toyota KS 950 in 16 years and I forgot everyghing I ever knew and I did a lot of knitting. Gees age does make a diff. I cleaned oiled and have done everything according to the book HA! My machine keeps jamming! I know how to use the punch cards and they are working fine except my machine is still jamming I am about to run over the machine wirh my husbands new car. I have no patience it has always been easy for be to catch onto things and do well. NOT THIS TIME I need words of encouragement there is no one in my small town that uses knitting machines I did find one woman and she was not nice "said she didn't want me to take her business DUH! When I was working I had a high profile job that put me in contact with many people, but they were business people not machine knitters. Ihave found many Canaians not willing to share any of their knowledge. I help anyone with whatever I can about anything I know that will help them. I need help! Catherine Horne

At 3:34 AM , Blogger Chantelevent said...

Hello Clarisse,
I'have got a Toyota Ks 950 without its manual. So, I was very glad to find it on your blog. I printed all pages but it seems the pages 8 t0 13 are missing. I was desappointed when I see that because I never used a knitting machine, so I don't know How to begin.
I'm very sorry to disturb you and thanks you a lot for your help.

I'm french, that explains ma poor english. Sorry.

At 7:49 AM , Blogger Juli said...

Hi Clarisse! I am a beginner machine knitter and recently have got Toyota Ks747 knitting machine and ribber. Now i am study how to knit whit it. Can i knit punch lace and platting with it? Is this an old model, so can i use this it knit leader and other accessories or they fits only to 858 and 901 model? Sorry for my bad English. Yoy can contact me at Thanks.

At 4:31 AM , Blogger Marina said...

Can you help me?
please write, how to insert a punch card in Toyota 950?
Can to do it..........

At 5:41 AM , Blogger Clarisse said...

If you download the free manual for the Toyota KS950, it takes you step by step into how to use the punchcards and how to insert them. That would be the easiest way to explain it for you.

At 12:38 PM , Blogger allison said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 12:41 PM , Blogger Ally Kraus said...

Thanks for posting the service manual! I recently acquired a 950 at a garage sale - came with the regular manual, but it's always good to have the service manual to troubleshoot.

At 2:46 AM , Blogger Pat Watson - Botterman said...

Hi I recently bought a Toyota 950 but I have dropped the carriage and its broken. You don't by any chance know where I could purchase one? My email is Many thanks.

At 7:02 AM , Blogger Mary Richmond said...

Looking for a TOYOTA KS950 manual none with machine and knitting patterns thanks


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