Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Knitting Room or Room for Knitting :)

I am often asked about where I keep my machines so I thought I'd go ahead and show the world my knitting room. It's always in the process of being improved. E.J. put up the ceiling shelves this last weekend for me so things are still in a bit of disarray, but I'm one of those slobs that needs her clutter all around her. I guess there's some kind of psycho babel about what being a pack rat means, I just know it means that I am one happy lady surrounded by things I love :)
More shelves will go up on the wall in this corner so I can get the yarns still in boxes up on the wall.
The White 1602 double bed is on a really great wood cabinet that I found at the Salvation Army thrift store. I think it was a handmade tv cabinet, you can't see it but there are shelves with doors on them underneath. It's packed with yarn too. The Toyota KS950 with the ribber is in front of it. When I want to use the White, I move the Toyota to the opposite wall in front of the chest of drawers. It just slides across the floor so it's easy to move.
That big sheet of plywood up against the wall is actually the underside of a twin bed platform. Yes, this room doubles as a guest bedroom. The machines get put in their boxes, the platform comes down and the machines fit nicely underneath the bed which is an airmattress laid on top of the platform. Works great. The legs of the bed hold a 6 foot shelf that right now has my LK140 and my Singer HK100 clamped to it. Mr. and Mrs. Bond reside here when they are out of their suitcase. The shelf slides forward when I'm using it and pushes back out of the way so I can use my Toyota KS610 which is behind the Toyota KS858. The 858 is slid in front of the chest of drawers (a right angle to where it's sitting now) when I want to use the 610 or the plastic bed machines. The plastic 3 drawer cart holds my punchcards and other crafting things like hot glue guns, laminating sheets etc. and the wood box on top of it is full of beads. This 5 shelf bookcase holds, well, books and patterns and the ceiling shelf sits on top. The tv is atop a plastic shelving unit and is next to the White 1602 cabinet. Oh, sitting under the window, between the bed platform and the bookcase is my cat's litter box. She loves this room too :)
Even the back of the door is used for yarn storage. The shoe pockets hold sock yarn and the slack hanger has yarn that has been wound on the winder, slipped onto an empty toilet paper roll, label taped inside the roll and slid onto the rod. It reminds me of the ribbon stands in a gift wrap section of the department stores and I'm kind of proud of thinking to repurpose the hanger this way. Who wears slacks anymore anyway? LOL!

and this wall is my sewing area. It's going to get more shelving added to the right side of it for more storage of fabric too. the machine is on top of a 1940's metal desk. When I get this area organized I'll have to share pictures of it too. Right now, it's an embarrasing mess of stuff waiting for it's home to be put together.

And this is where I live :) Kind of chaotic for most, but suits me to a T.

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