Saturday, February 25, 2012

PS 150

I've uploaded Series 1, the instruction folder and the punchcards, for the PS 150 needle selector. Even though the PS 150 was created to be used with the Studio/Singer/Silver Reed SK150 and the other rebadged matching machines such as the Toyota KS610, it has been my experience that it works with any 9mm pitched machine. I.E. LK100, Brother 230 etc. Basically it's a manual device that allows for faster stitch patterning and generally used with non punchcard bulky machines. Because the cards don't advance the same way a punchcard machine advances, the cards are punched differently, but I'm thinking it's still possible to use it to read regular 12 stitch bulky punchcards if you remember to manually advance the card after each pass of the carriage. The card in the photo is the regular punch card no. 1, it fits and the needle selector tool reads the holes so it should work fine. This would also mean that you can use the standard blank punchcards (both 12 stitch and 24 stitch if you skip every other column) that are still available to punch out your own cards from the pictures.

I have it sitting on the back of my Toyota 650 bulky punchcard machine right now because I found some cards I had for it and wanted to play a little bit :)

Oh, when I use it with my LK100 machines, I have a board that I attach it to with screws so it's easier to use.