Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Bernat Softee Baby Sport DK

Well, this little experiment didn't work. I had swatched this yarn and it had trouble, but I thought I'd give it another try and just treat it like cotton, more weight, run the carriage slower and give it a good tug down after each row is knit, hoping that would do it. Well, I don't know if you can see it, but down by my hand it's quite obvious that it just isn't going to knit on my Toyota KS950 standard gauge. There were so many split stitches mucking it up, had they been more evenly placed, they could have been a design element. I was even careful to check each row for splits and re-formed them by hand. Guess I didn't catch enough of them LOL!!

This was to be another All In One Baby Caridigan, and I so wanted to knit it with this super soft cottony feeling Bernat yarn. I use Mary Lou's Solo all the time on this machine and I even knit a tuck stitched queen sized bed cover for a wedding present with Lion Brands new Baby Soft Sport on this machine. I should have saved myself the time and set up the LK140 mid-gauge :( The one good thing from it is that I believe I know why it won't knit when the other inexpensive readily available baby sport weights will knit on this machine.

Because it's just like cotton, it also has the same amount of stretch and give as cotton. None. No elasticity at all, so I'm thinking that this is how this particular machine gets away with knitting the tiny bit thicker yarns. The strand thins down and seats itself into the needle latch with the little bit of added weight pulling it down.

Now, this bootie was knit with the Knittery Bootie punchcard, using Bernat Baby Coordinates on the same machine, Toyota KS950 standard gauge and I also knit a pair using the Red Heart Baby Soft yarn that is about the same yarn. So you see? I had every reason to believe I would be able to bend the Softee Baby to my will, guess who one, yet again. I've pulled my LK140 mid-gauge out and am currently looking for a safe place to set it up LOL!!!

As soon as I quite screwing around and having all these "learning" experiences, I should have a few things to send off to my new grand daughter :)


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