Thursday, July 26, 2007

Black Tilt Stand and Beige Non-Tilt Stand Instructions

Above is the instruction sheet for the black tilting knitting machine stands. Click on the picture to print it out in full size. I also have some pictures here of my Toyota KS950 and ribber on the tilt stand. I don't like to use my machine in the permanent tilted position like many folks do, so having the ability to set my machine flat when using just the main bed is important to me. I use my beige stand with my machines that I don't have the ribber attached too.

Here are the instructions for the non-tilt stand. Click on the photo and it will take you to a full sized picture so you can actually see it. The only difference in the assembly of this stand and the tilt stand is the shape of the lid holder bolts that hold it all together and there is no front or back for this type of stand like there is for the tilt stand. This is indicated by a sticky dot in the center of the top of the stand. If you're stand is missing the sticky dot, then if your bed tilts to the back instead of to the front when you have your machine on it, take it apart and put the bolts through it from the opposite side.

Hope this helps :)

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At 6:15 PM , Blogger Claire Diamond said...

Hi, this was really helpful, thanks! I just bought a knitting machine from ebay and was mystified as to how to put the stand together! Now to figure out how to put the ribber on...

At 8:19 PM , Blogger Fiona said...

Claire asked my question!
Would it be possible to post a photo of the knitting machine on the stand with and without the ribber? The way I interpret your instructions about where the brackets stick out I've got them sticking out in front with the ribber hooked up into the knitter. I'm not sure that's right--why have the brackets sticking out and not holding something.
Your expertise with this would really help! Thanks.

At 9:52 PM , Blogger Kathy said...

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At 9:54 PM , Blogger Kathy said...

Hi I have a studio 360 machine I just bought and am learning how to machine knit. Would this stand work for that? Thanks!

At 5:33 AM , Blogger Dezarae' said...

Thank you so much for this! You have helped me out so much!

At 5:33 AM , Blogger Dezarae' said...

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