Saturday, May 07, 2011

Back to the Knitter

Well, things have finally settled down enough around here to allow my creative juices to flow out into actual production instead of fermenting in my brain LOL!! I'm actually going to stop just talking about ideas and actually start knitting with my machines again.

I've been doing little bits here and there, Kris's Felted Clog slippers on the bulky for example.Kris Basta

Those were great fun and have added lots of ideas to the stew slushing around in my head. That and the fact that our weather has finally started turning warmer and sunshiny which always puts me in a better mood all together.

I'm also quite happy to see that the softer more feminine style of shrugs and lacy little bolero type sweaters and tops are still in style and I've been wanting to knit some up for my grand daughters too. Last year I obsessed on finding the right lace punchcard, I think I have it, the trouble was every thing lacy I swatched ended up having a "Hoochy Momma" look to it. Not appropriate for 10 year old girls, and I don't give a rats ass what Walmart or Hannah Montana thinks little girls should be wearing. It's too grown up and just plain "Hoochy Momma" for my precious babies, they grow up much too fast as it is!!

So, maybe this Spring I will be able to focus and get some things done! Oh, but wait a minute. It's Spring, that's my sewing time of year and I did get a new sewing machine and I really do want to get into quilting a cover for it........ oh dear!


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