Sunday, September 07, 2008

S.I.T. Cursor Stops/Carriage Release

This subject comes up quite frequently with new users. Especially when the knitter is used to Japanese machines that don't use cursors or the stops. It can be very confusing, so here is a couple little video's that I hope will help folks out. My camera only takes a few seconds at a time so I had to break it up.

Cursor Stops Part 1

Cursor Stops Part 2

Removing the Back Carriage

Please keep in mind that these machines were built in the 1980's and have probably been packed away gathering dirt and grime until it found it's way into your loving hands. The parts can be very stiff and require cleaning and oiling to work properly. When you are cleaning up your machine, be very careful to keep oil away from the copper strips on your cursor. They need to have a clean contact for the electric current to cause the needles to select.

The first time I played around with the cursor and the stops, I just knew I was going to break it. It was very very stiff and it took several passes back and forth, releasing and catching the cursor both directions before it finally loosened up and didn't jar my arms when the carriage hit the stops. I hope this helps newbies out, these little things can be so frustrating when we are learning something totally new :)